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Pull back the curtain a bit, and there's more going on. As your data is used from day to day, however, the drive shifts the less frequently used data to the 1TB hard drive, which offers slower speed, but more storage capacity. The result is speedy SSD performance for the data you use most frequently, without the cramped storage you'd contend with on a pure SSD.

What makes this set up different from hybrid drives, however, is that the Flash storage is not acting as a cache, mirroring data from the drive. Also, the evaluation process is ongoing, continuously evaluating each piece of data as it is accessed by the user, shifting it back and forth to maximize performance.

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Once your Mac mini gets into a routine and is optimized, this setup can save wear and tear on the spinning hard drive, since oft-used programs and files will eventually reside on Flash storage. All of this work happens in the background, with data evaluated in real time, and shifted to and from the Flash storage during idle times so as not to slow down performance during data intensive actions.

From the algorithmic evaluation of data use to the shifting of data, it all happens seamlessly in the background, and offers optimal performance without the need for constant tweaking. The programs themselves are top-rated, and Mountain Lion itself was picked as one of the best tech products of It also features all of the same gesture support seen in the MacBook Pro line-up, so you might consider getting an Apple Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad to take advantage of the intuitive controls.

In addition to the operating system and programs, Apple covers the Mac mini with a one-year warranty, and offers free tech support for the first 90 days after purchase.

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Performance With the new processing hardware, and the bump from dual-core Core i5 to quad-core Core i7, the Mac mini Late more than doubled the processing performance over the previous iteration, scoring 5. It's necessarily a fair comparison, however, because the hardware is so different. Alternatively, the Polywell Poly iAT, which has a 2.

The Mac mini also made quick work of our current multimedia tests, finishing Handbrake version 0.

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While the Polywell Poly iAT has slightly faster raw performance, the Mac mini's Core i7 still offers enough processing power to continue to feel speedy even after a few years of use. Though the integrated Intel HD Graphics is more than sufficient for most day-to-day tasks, it isn't enough to support high-end 3D gaming. When tested with Heaven at both medium and high settings, it failed to produce playable results, rendering 19 frames per second fps and 12 fps, respectively.

The Intel HD Graphics are certainly enough to play games with lighter requirements, such as Torchlight or one of the World of Warcraft titles. While the previous Editors' Choice Polywell Poly iAT does boast a slightly beefier processor, it doesn't offer the highly polished refinement offered by Mac mini.


The seamless 1. Add in the beautiful design and industry-leading operating system, and the Mac mini is an easy pick for our Editors' Choice.

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    Having trouble? Call us at Apple Mac mini "Core i7" 3. Apple Mac mini "Core i5" 2. Apple Mac mini "Core i5" 1. Apple Mac Mini Core i7 2. Apple Mac Mini Core i5 2. Apple Mac mini Core i7 2.