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On top of that, I would only use Word and perhaps Excel from time to time and never use the other apps in the suite. The word processing in page layout document view is easy to work with, and all the text formatting, fonts and writing tools are easy to find and use. In fact, it is difficult to think of a common function in Word that is not available in Pages documents.

However, there are some areas of compatibility.

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Most issues are related to the compatibility of macros that you might need to consider if you are an advanced user. Apple has a list of compatibility issues between Office and iWork apps. But unless you are using complex charts, tables and macros, there are really no aspects that would concern an author, content writer or blogger. After half an hour or so of becoming familiar with the menus, options and text styles, you will find that Pages is very easy to use. The sidebar menu is intuitive and changes depending on what you are doing or where your cursor is placed.

How to Open a .Pages Format File in Windows & Microsoft Word

For most users, every tool you need is visible when you need it. One huge plus with working with Pages is that you never need to bother with doing a save, as it saves automatically.

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This is one area where Pages really shines. There is a lot more control over images compared to Word. Equally as easy, you can add an existing image from your hard drive.

Opening a Pages Format File from Mac in Microsoft Windows

For authors working with paperback covers, it is very easy to drop in a high-resolution cover image, make your adjustments, and then export directly to pdf. One other big plus for Pages for authors is that you can export to directly epub without the hassle of converting your file in another program.

While there are not a lot of options compared to what you get with Calibre , it is enough to export a perfectly acceptable epub file directly from Pages ready for publishing. There is no doubt that you will have times when you need to work with Word users. Generally, the real need is to open Word documents or to send Pages documents in doc or docx file format.

How to install Pages from the App Store

To open a Word file, simply open it with a double click or right click open file as you usually would do. If you do not have Word installed on your computer, it will open automatically in Pages. You can choose either.

How to download Apple's iWork apps on older Macs for free

Where it certainly excels over Word is for graphics - many users prefer it for designing posters, adding tables and just about anything where graphics are concerned. Not quite Word but getting there It may not quite be up to MS Word but Pages is slowly getting there and future releases will surely see it address the few issues that remain to make it a truly great word processor. Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel better than ever for Mac.

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Pages Apple's answer to MS Word. Microsoft Office The latest version of Office for Mac. Download Pages 6. Download for Mac. User reviews about Pages. Apple Pages is a powerful word processor that gives you everything you need to create documents that look beautiful. And read beautifully. It lets you work seamlessly between Mac and iOS devices, and even work effortlessly with people who use Microsoft Word.

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