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This is a fairly easy survival island seed to live on.

There are plenty of trees on this island, which can be used to grow apples. There's more to this island than just that, there's an ocean monument right next to the island with 8 gold blocks deep inside. This is an exciting island seed, which other than the monument, is pretty generic. It will be quite a challenge to survive off of apples, it may require other means of survival before this island becomes happily inhabitable.

Minecraft village island seed for Minecraft with underground diamonds. This Minecraft seed actually starts off on the shore of a savanna. To find the village island, swim out to X 60 Z Off the shore of the island in the direction of the savanna there should be a small opening to a fissure. Deep down in the fissure players can find many diamonds to use. It's important to bring some saplings before swimming out to the island as there are no natural trees. There is a small amount of dirt on the island around the edges, but it may be a good idea to bring some dirt as well.

This village is really cool, it's big as well. There's a blacksmith that has a few necessities, but the main importance of this Minecraft seed is the fact that it's a private luxury island village. It's easy to survive on this island because the villagers have already created farms to eat from. This is one of the most interesting seeds for Minecraft because of all of this. There are other structures out in the water, including two ocean monuments, a few fissures, and various underwater caves to explore.

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Exposed end portal island seed. This is one of the most unique Minecraft island seeds. There's an island to start on, but right beside the island is a floating end portal from a stronghold. As odd as it is, there is no stronghold attached to this end portal. With enough eyes of ender players can travel to the end and fight the ender dragon. There's not much more to the island other than that and the trees. It's not too easy to survive on this island as apples will be the only starting source of food. These are just a few examples of the many island seeds.

To find more great island seeds check out the Minecraft island seeds list. Jungle temple seeds are really interesting. These are more than simple jungle seeds , these jungles are guaranteed to have a jungle temple in them. Not all jungles have temples buried deep within them.

Some jungle temple seeds go above and beyond that even by starting people out right beside the jungle temple. Jungle temples are a novelty. While similar to desert temples , the jungle temples are vastly different. There are only two storage chests in a jungle temple, rather than four.

There are traps in both temples, but the jungle temple traps involve trip wires and arrows. Jungle temples also look wildly different than desert temples. Other than that they can contain the same item types in their storage chests. Here are three examples of jungle temples seeds. For even more jungle temple seeds, check out the jungle temple seed list. Jungle temple seed with multiple temples. This Minecraft seed has multiple jungle temples.

Each one contains various different items. All of the jungle temples in the seed are in the same jungle. The coordinates of the temples are on the page for the seed, which can be accessed by clicking the above picture or title. One of the temples is actually right where players start off.

Village Seeds for Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac)

This seed for Minecraft has tons of jungle to explore, so if the temples aren't good enough, they're plenty more to do. Jungles are a fun environment to explore, they're also very dangerous as night. There's plenty of cocoa and animals spread out throughout the jungle. Jungle temple next to a village and mesa.

Best seeds for Minecraft 1.13

This is one of the most interesting jungle temple seeds. This Minecraft seed starts players in plains near to a village. Right next to the village is a jungle with a jungle temple on the edge of it. In other words there's a jungle temple right next to an already existing village seed.

This is a great Minecraft seed to try out for anyone looking for a village and a temple. There's even a blacksmith in the village. On top of that there are a bunch of different biomes nearby, it's one of those points where environments come together. There's a mesa in plain sight of the jungle temple. This is one of the best Minecraft seeds. Floating jungle temple seed with more. This interesting Minecraft seed has a jungle temple pretty close to where people start off.

This is one of the coolest jungle temples simply for the fact that it's floating on top of the water like an island. There's also a second jungle temple much deeper into the jungle. Jungles often have a lot of water in them, with these strange swampy looking areas as seen above. There should be plenty of animals in this jungle as it's fairly large. Plenty of cocoa and jungle wood as well.

Village Seeds for Minecraft Java Edition (PC/Mac)

This is a good Minecraft seed for any jungle temple enthusiast. There are plenty more jungle temples where that came from. Be sure to check out the full list of jungle temple seeds as well. Desert temples are fun to find in any Minecraft seed. These naturally generated structures have treasure deep underneath the temple.

There are four treasure chests, but beware of the pressure plate. There's a trap at the bottom of every desert temple that causes everything to explode if stepped on. To avoid this trap, try falling along a wall, or building a staircase down to the bottom.

What are Minecraft Seeds?

There are many different items that can be found in desert temples. Some temples contain diamonds, others have armor, and very rarely they have enchantment scrolls. There are many minor items that can be found in these desert temples as well. Desert temples are a fun addition to any Minecraft seed. Don't forget to check out the full list of desert temple seeds. Desert temple village seed out in the desert. This desert temple is built into the side of a village.

Latest Minecraft Seeds

It's rare to find a temple built into a village like this, but not here. It's usually better to find a temple built into a village, so that way there's something to do with the desert temple, or the items inside. That's not all to this Minecraft seed. There's a second desert temple off in the distance.

Epic Awesome seed(Abandoned Castle)

This second temple has two saddles in it, which is great for any horse tamer. Overall this is a really cool Minecraft seed to try out. Desert temple at spawn, across the river. This Minecraft desert temple seed has a temple right across the river near the start of the seed. This temple doesn't have much in it other than gold bars, bones, zombie flesh, and some horse armor.

Oddly enough there was one single iron bar inside of this desert temple. That's not all about this seed. Aside from the desert temple having a neat location next to a different environment, there's a village out in the desert, which adds another aspect to this cool Minecraft seed. There's plenty to find in this Minecraft world.

Double desert temple Minecraft seed with two villages. Here's another great desert temple seed. While neither temple is near the start, a village should be.

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One of the desert temples has three diamonds in it, which is a real bonus to any Minecraft seeds. There's a second village near the first desert temple, with another desert temple nearby to that. This is a lot of different structures to find in a single seed, it's great for anyone who likes discovery. The only downside to this Minecraft seed is that neither village has a blacksmith; otherwise there would be a ton of different free items to get on this cool Minecraft seed. There are many more desert temple seeds out there.