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Soundation is perfect for musicians looking to record, mix and share multiple tracks. With access to thousands of ready-made songs, loops, effects, and instruments, it fits into the definition of a fully functional Digital Audio Workstation DAW and has everything you need for full-scale music production. The free version limits the export audio quality but is sufficient for most audio editing needs.

For more advanced users, the full version is available for a monthly subscription fee.

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This simple editor allows you to record, copy, paste, cut, crop and edit your audio in real-time and can be directly shared to your social media accounts or websites. Audacity has been reviewed and praised for being the best audio editor available. With its extensive suite of built-in tools, high-quality sound and effects, heaps of plug-ins and comprehensive editing features, it really does put a lot of the paid editing programs to shame because this software is completely free.

It is available for Windows, Mac and any other desktop platform out there and enables you to edit pre-recorded files, record using an attached microphone and stream music and podcasts into your recording. However, if you are a beginner, you may not use all these features to start off with and could feel a little intimidated by the wide variety of tools. You will need to dedicate some time to explore and play with this software, but with a comprehensive manual available, you will be recording high-quality audio in no time!

The basic edition of Acoustica v.

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However, it is still a great audio editor that allows you to create audio, open files from your PC and import tracks straight from CDs. You can also edit them and then export them in different formats. If you try it out and discover that audio editing is your calling, you can always upgrade to the standard version which includes features such as multi-track editor and support for 7. It includes all the features needed to edit audio such as cut, copy, paste, music loops, analyze, record and batch convert.

Making amazing audio tracks and want to level up? Compliment your audio recordings with incredibly high-quality videos with Movavi Video Suite. Complete with all the video editing tools you need to create stunning visual creations and more! Check out this awesome editing software to find out more about this product and how this software can transform your digital creations.

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Invest in your business, creations and your ambitions with Movavi Video Suite or download the standard version for free to kickstart your video making dreams. Back to Learning Portal. Adobe Audition is a powerful editing software with a customizable user interface. You can record multiple sources simultaneously, and the restoration tools ensure your recordings sound professional. Audacity is free and easy to use. Further, its great selection of editing and restoration tools ensure your audio projects sound professional on any platform.

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Acoustica Standard Edition has an easy-to-use interface and supports multitrack editing. Also, it includes an impressive set of restoration tools. Adobe Audition is one of the most user-friendly audio editing programs available. You can customize the layout to accommodate your workflow, and the software has all the best tools for editing and finalizing any audio project.

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This is one of the few programs we reviewed that allow you to record multiple sources simultaneously on separate tracks. This makes post-production tasks like editing and effects processing easier. To do so, you highlight a portion of the recording that has too much background noise or pops and clicks and use the sound sample tool to analyze the problem area. Once the software learns which noise you want to remove, you apply the tool to the entire track to eliminate every occurrence of it.

To use the program, you pay for a monthly, yearly or multiyear subscription. Adobe offers discounts to students and teachers as well as businesses that need multiple licenses. Read the full review. Audacity is free, open source audio editing and recording software with an impressive list of editing and restoration tools. The click-removal tool also worked well, but it can drastically alter the source material and make it sound worse, so use it with caution. Luckily, Audacity allows you to preview the edit to adjust the settings before making any destructive changes. This program works on Macs and PCs and is a light load for your computer.

Audacity imported our 1. The effects, recording tools and plugins are divided into logical categories in the menu ribbon, which streamlines the post-production process. Acoustica is one of the most customizable audio editing programs we tested.

TwistedWave, an audio editor for mac.

In addition to the editing window, there is a file browser, an effects chain and a waveform analyzer you can add or remove at your convenience. The program also allows you to customize the toolbar with the editing tools you use most to maximize your workflow. The standard edition works on Macs and PCs.

The repair tools in this program are the perfect solution for removing hiss, hums and crackles from poorly recorded audio or digitized vinyl.

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You can only record and edit one stereo track per session, so consider a different program if you want to record and edit a podcast. This software has an inviting layout that makes it easy to find tools and speeds up your workflow. If you plan to digitize a vinyl collection, or repair field recordings, this is a simple, low-cost solution. Reaper records unlimited amount of audio tracks per session and has a good selection of mixing and mastering plugins. The layout is easy to navigate and customizable to improve workflow and give you easy access to the tools you use most.

You can also use Reaper to overdub or replace audio tracks from most the popular video formats. My formative years were spent recording voice-overs and producing sound effects as a Foley artist.