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A Sitemap is very important when it comes down to the website getting crawled by Google, Bing, Yahoo , and other search engines. Folks who use WordPress as their platform of choice, will not have to create a sitemap from scratch. The platform does this atomically and provides a URL to share with Google, Bing, and other search platforms.

XML Sitemap Generator: Submit Your Site To Google (For Wordpress)

Now, if you are using something created from scratch, then this is where a manually created sitemap is needed. To make the task easier, we are going to talk about a program known as Simple Sitemap Creator. Creating a sitemap using this tool is very simple. First, you need to make sure your website is up and running. After pressing Enter, the program should generate a sitemap for your website in quick succession.

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I feel very grateful for your help. By using the web-site-map. You may not use web-site-map. Our news: see more on! Sub-domains got fully supported Read about that here Major improvements for Joomla and other CMS.

Create Sitemap with Sitemap Writer Pro

Learn more What is XML Sitemap? Why do you need a Sitemap XML Sitemaps are especially helpful if: You have a brand new website Your web-site has dynamic content generated by CMS Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, DotNetNuke, etc Your have got a lot of pages You don't have desired Google PageRank Your website has complex navigation Some of your webpages are either not accessible from the main page and its children, or are burried too deep in the page hierarchy If you happen to have broken links on your website, our Sitemap Generator will scan those and inform you if any are dead, and which specific pages need to be fixed.

Is it safe? Why Web-Site-Map.

Simple Sitemap Creator is a free sitemap generator software for Windows

The mapper script has the most accurate in the Internet handling of dynamically generated web pages e. The generator supports national languages any local charsets and character encodings including UTF-8 etc and has got a sophisticated retry logic to deal with distant hosts and slow networks. Page priorities can be either generated automatically or set manually. The Web-Site-Map crawler always obeys robots. This means that you don't need to install any software on your computer, or upload any PHP scripts to your website.

Free Sitemap Generator

Microsoft Windows 8 is fully supported too. Note that in order to use this broken-links checker you need to make a map with our online xml sitemap maker. As an alternative way of addressing the link rot problem you can consider our brand new standalone broken link checker that is capable of reporting all major linking problems and HTTP reponse codes like "Page not found" etc. So you can use the Link checking facility any time even without any google site-map files being generated. Remember to use Link Checker tools periodically to ensure constant health of your Internet resources.

Joomla and other dynamic content management system are fully supported! Our online service is of a professional grade and offers a build-in Sitemap validator that validates generated site-map files and reports whether the XML is well-formed and valid. Note that wellformness and its compliance with the XML Schema are critical factors: otherwise Google , Bing, and Yahoo etc won't be able to understand your sitemap.

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Choose your generator as well as other SEO tools wisely to make sure that your web optimization efforts won't be wasted! New: Our free sitemap creator has very high page limit which became dynamic recently: now the value is assigned based on actual server resources availability the less busy our servers are the higher current page limit is and thus the value changes very frequently through the day. See its most recent value here. More cool features are coming soon including higher free limits.

News: Subdomains are fully supported! Clarissa A. Online Marketing Manager, Paymill. I came across WriteMaps and used it within my team. I couldn't keep a great tool like this secret, and now our whole company uses it.


Paul W. Online Marketing, Urban Element. Tiffany H. UX Designer. We've used WriteMaps for several years and it's become one of the essential tools in our website development process. Matt M. Director, Practice Plus.

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Kickstart your web projects with just the right features See all features. Sitemap in seconds Our visual sitemap builder means you can jump from vague ideas to create sitemap plans with just a few clicks. Collect page content Create a sitemap then have your client or copywriter fill it with content.