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Older versions are found at the Apple Developer site, or they can be installed from within Xcode back to version 4. The easiest way to install MacPorts on a Mac is by downloading the pkg or dmg for Catalina , Mojave , High Sierra , Sierra , El Capitan , Yosemite , Mavericks , Mountain Lion , Lion , Snow Leopard , Leopard or Tiger and running the system's Installer by double-clicking on the pkg contained therein, following the on-screen instructions until completion.

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This procedure will place a fully-functional and default MacPorts installation on your host system, ready for usage. If needed your shell configuration files will be adapted by the installer to include the necessary settings to run MacPorts and the programs it installs, but you may need to open a new shell for these changes to take effect. After installation is done, it is recommended that you run this step manually on a regular basis to to keep your MacPorts system always current:.

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Help is also available. If on the other hand you decide to install MacPorts from source, there are still a couple of things you will need to do after downloading the tarball before you can start installing ports, namely compiling and installing MacPorts itself:. This procedure will install a pristine MacPorts system and, if the optional steps are taken, remove the as of now unnecessary MacPorts It is recommended to run the above command on a regular basis to keep your installation current.

If you are developer or a user with a taste for the bleeding edge and wish for the latest changes and feature additions, you may acquire the MacPorts sources through git.

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See the Guide section on installing from git. Alternatively, if you'd simply like to view the git repository without checking it out, you can do so via the GitHub web interface. If you already have MacPorts installed and have no restrictions to use the rsync networking protocol tcp port by default , the easiest way to upgrade to our latest available release, 2. This will both update your ports tree by performing a sync operation and rebuild your current installation if it's outdated, preserving your customizations, if any. Running on platforms other than macOS is not the main focus of The MacPorts Project, so remaining cross-platform is not an actively-pursued development goal.

The full list of requirements to run MacPorts on these other platforms is as follows we assume you have the basics such as GCC and X11 :. Normally you must install from source or from an git checkout to run MacPorts on any of these platforms. If any of these resources do not answer your questions or if you need any kind of extended support, there are many ways to contact us! This policy appears to cut off an entire class of Macs. A year or so ago, I found the Now it just takes me to the unauthorized page. I had to log in, but I was not paying for a developer membership.

You can contact me through my website. I have a copy of Snow Leopard server, from when you could still download it for free from ADC I do not even pay for a membership.

It is in the free downloads. If you email me through the contact link on my website click my name I may be able to send you a copy. I am looking for Leopard My girlfriend has been after me to upgrade the system. Any help would be appreciated. Anywhere I can download it? Download Mac OS X Need Any hints? Pretty sure I stopped paying for upgrades after snow leopard.

There is still life for your old Macs yet.

How to Install Snow Leopard DMG from a Flash Drive Mac Only

Still on Kept getting error msgs. Gave up. I have too many convenient apps that I like to upgrade and there is nothing I need in the newer OSs. Just log in to your developer account. As a developer, I run Snow Leopard on one partition and Yosemite on another. I only use Yosemite for development and testing. Snow Leopard is my daily OS.

The problem w older systems is a computer will not install system software older than it was produced. One must use Virtual Ware on a new machine or use an old machine. Is it true No more updates for Snow Leopard beyond Just install Firefox and Thunderbird for you browser and email clients.

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Thank you sir. I just told a woman the same thing today. Glad it was validated by seeing your comment. Gmail and Youtube are telling people their Snow Leopard version of Safari is outdated. I also think people are screwing up their Safari by downloading the Safari update through the quick links the Youtube page provides to update your browser. I downloaded and installed the You just have to trawl through a lot of pages to find it, but there was no need for me to be a developer to get it.

If you install from a disc made from You have to download and install first the I found this out recently reviving a PowerBook G4 with a replacement hard drive. Leopard retail DVD I have. Neither Software Update nor my Ah the perks of being a developer. Snow Leopard was such a great release and so stable. This makes me want to try it again on a much newer Mac, perhaps it would play well on new hardware, anyone try this? Apple appears to have pulled this—I have memberships in both Mac and iOS developer programs and these are not available to me.

Which is really too bad because I do need Just go to the site then try downloading. Hello, I can confirm this works.

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I was just able to start downloading HTH, David. Trying to find a No joy at Apple store nor Apple. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited. Florence says:. June 4, at pm.

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